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Being a business theatre producer has allowed Brian the opportunity to meet and work with some very fascinating people from a variety of backgrounds which, in turn, has helped shape his knowledge and his opinions. His blog will not always be political, it will be about a lifetime of subjects, and nothing is off limits. “Few people have original thoughts, we are shaped by the people we know and meet” he says.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Vote Nov. 2 or remain silent

It is now time for all to put up or shut up.

If you haven't researched the candidates by now, may I suggest that you don't vote tomorrow. If you think that the status quo is OK, I suggest you don't vote tomorrow. If you like high unemployment, don't vote. If you like personal responsibility and think it is your duty, then vote but not unless you have researched the candidates first.

But if you think the government is out of control or trying to get more in control of your life, I suggest that you vote for the candidate your research has concluded.

Vote, Vote, Vote, that is your duty but not unless you have researched the candidates.

Does this sound like a broken record, it is. Research and vote.

Vote but not without the research.

Vote November 2 like your life depends on it because your life probably does depend on it.

See you there! Remember NO NEW TAXES!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Follow the Money

If you believe everything Gary Peters says about Rocky Raczkowski, I have some prime ocean front land for sale at a bargain price in Nebraska!

If you watch any crime shows on television, you hear the line all the time, "Follow the Money!"

In politics it is called PAC money, short for Political Action Committees. These committees are set up to circumvent the laws, yes, I know they are perfectly legal, to avoid the appearance on any impropriety.

Rocky raised a total of $45,200, according to filings of the latest campaign finance reports with the Federal Election Commission. Special interests is another name for PACs.

On the other side of the SPECIAL INTEREST financing is Gary Peters. He has raised $1.13 million from PACs, including PAC called the Leadership PAC, a Nancy Pelosi controlled PAC. He has received over $66,000 from insurance PAC, $65,000 from Industrial Union PACs, and another $56,500 from Building Trades Union. Lawyers and Law Firms are among Gary Peters largest contributors to the tune of $306,473, according to today's Oakland Press article. Follow the Money.

Rocky has raised money from PACs as well. He received $3,500 from Iraq Veterans for Congress PAC, $2,000 from Republican Member Senate Fund PAC. I am sure they have a hidden agenda, much like insurance companies and unions. I could list all of Rocky's little donors but it doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

Follow the money. All you have to do is "Follow the Money" and you will find out who is who's pocket.

Vote for Rocky Raczkowski on Tuesday and lets start cleaning up Washington.

That is my stand.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sad Times Ahead

Listening to Mark Brewer today on the Frank Beckman show on WJR with John McCullough filling in for Frank, I have made a decision thanks to Mr. Brewer's continued truth distortions and spreading of lies.

I have never voted a straight ticket in my life. I have always split my vote based on my research of each candidate and the position each candidate took on issues which I felt were important.

The decision Mr. Brewer helped me make was to vote a straight line Republican ticket.

It is a sad state when our voting choices are based on how many lies one party tells but I feel it is important to take a stand. Each party needs to stop this constant barrage of lies and mis-truths. By mis-truths I mean half truths and innuendos that really make false statements but are disguised as true statements. Candidates need to stop "Politics as usual" because many Americans are fed up with this tactic.

I feel the Republicans are trying to take the high road most of the time. Yes, I know that some will stoop to levels that only Politicians will descend but generally they try to maintain some civility. Washington needs to know we will no longer take it as does Lansing and our local politicians.

Remember to vote on Nov. 2nd because it is very important to America.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Michigan Constitutional Convention

The last time a state Constitutional Convention was held, it was 1961/62. Things have changed since then. We were the ones who protested the Viet Nam war. We burned our bras (well not me personally). We had long hair, now we are balding. We have mellowed somewhat since the 60s and hopefully gotten wiser. So now our kids should be take the lead because many of us will not be around in 16 years.

The current vote "NO" ads about costing $45 million are somewhat misleading. The last Constitution Convention cost about $928,000, adjusted for inflation that would be $6 million in today's dollars. It didn't tie up our legislators for two years as stated. The entire convention took a little over 4 months.

So why are they fighting for a "NO" vote? Because that want to keep the status quo. They want to keep the power where they have control of it. They don't want younger or newer or even better ideas to emerge because it is all about the money. They want to keep the ball and let us play when we can't do any harm.They like the size of our government and are afraid that we may force it to be smaller and more responsive to the times.

There has never been a better time or more of a need for a Constitutional Convention than there is today. Michigan is hurting and its citizens are hurting with it. The question of can we afford it should be just the opposite. Can we afford Not to?

There are pros and cons to any convention. One of the Cons is that it removes all tax caps and places them in jeopardy. One of the Pros is that it remove all the tax caps and places them in jeopardy.

Whenever a Constitutional Convention is convened there is always risks but without risks, there are no rewards. We need to take this risk. If we don't do it now, it will be another 16 years before we can attempt it again.

People will say the time is not right. The time is never right if you are standing on the sidelines! Get involved.

That is my stand.

Friday, October 22, 2010

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The Obama administration has accused the U.S. Chamber of Commerce of using foreign contributions to fund their campaign for more friendly to business legislation!

They claim the Chamber, by not disclosing its donors, is illegally funding campaigns against Democrats. The Chamber is made up of some of the largest U.S. Corporations and many foreign corporations with U.S. subsidiaries. By law, the Chamber, as a non-profit organization, is not required to list its donors or how much they have contributed.

So what is wrong with all of this? Nothing, absolutely nothing. The Chamber is supporting a Republican agenda 90% of the time. George Soros' Media Matters supports Democrats 100% of the time and is not required to list any donors either.

Remember President Obama started all of this with his raising and spending almost $1 billion to become our 44th President. He claimed most of his donations were for less than $200 and therefore he was not obliged to list his donors.He even bought his own 24/7 cable network.

Apparently it is OK for the Democrats to raise ungodly amounts of money and spend it distorting the truth about their opponents but it is not OK for any Republican group. Hypocrisy seems to start with a D. Remember if you tell a lie often enough many will believe it to be true. Shame.

There is a fundamental problem with the amount of money in politics that needs to be addressed and removed but that is for another day.

Remember this on November 2nd and vote to replace most of the current politicians.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Retire John Dingell

Talk about a career politician, John Dingell is epitome of the career politician. First elected at age 29 because his father passed away while serving in congress, Dingell has been relatively unchallenged since the mid 60s. Time to retire Dingell.

It is time for change, Dingell misrepresents the 15th Michigan Congressional District and has been MIA since 1955. He is so well entrenched in Congress that he is the longest serving (questionable at best) representative in Congress. Time to retire Dingell.

He is an old style politician. His advertising shows it and his lack of representation of the people is tragic. He only shows up when there is an election to ask for voters money to support his lifestyle. Time to retire Dingell.

One of his claims is that he helped write the "Do not call" legislation, but he exempted political calls and banks. I should probably thank him because political phone calls is why I cancelled my home land line. Take that Ma Bell! Time to retire Dingell.

In 1985, Dingell, age 59, reached his 30 year anniversary representing Southeast Michigan in the US House of Representatives. He is currently in his 27th term (54th year) of Congress at age 84. Time to retire Dingell.

Dingell has sponsored such notable legislation as Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, National Environmental Policy Act, Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975, the Energy Tax Act of 1978, Trading Sanctions Act of 1984, to name a few. Some good, mostly expensive to tax payers. You can't be in congress for over 50 years without being involved in some good and bad legislation. Time to retire Dingell.

As Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Commerce he was responsible for establishing one of the most wasteful agencies in government. He also voted against the Equal Rights Amendment, giving equal pay to women back in 1972. Take that ladies. Time to retire Dingell.

Thank you for your service but it is time to retire. It is not like it will hurt his income level. As the longest living member of Congress he will receive 93% plus of his salary for life.

The people of Michigan’s 15th District deserve a Representative who has their issues at heart, not the issues of D.C., special interests or the needs of career politicians. I intend to represent the people. This approach scares the D.C. elite, but it is not radical. This is what our founders intended.

Dr. Rob Steele is that candidate. Vote for Dr. Rob Steele on November 2, 2010 and give John Dingell some needed rest.

That is my stand.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Truth in Advertising*

When you listen to all the political commercials on radio or television, you get the true sense of the values and morals each candidate possesses. Or do you!

According to many of the commercials, most of the candidates are either morally bankrupt, ethically challenged or just plain crooks.

On the local level, according to Democratic Rep. Gary Peters, Rocky Raczkowski is a crook who stole $6 million from his partners. Rocky Raczkowski wants Peters to stand on his voting record as a supporter of the Obama, Pelosi and Reid agenda. He voted for ObamaCare, supports Cap and Trade and more regulation of the American public. Peters ignored the majority he represents and voted the party line.

Then according the 27-term (D) Congressman John Dingell, (That was 27-term John Dingell) Dr. Rob Steele (Not a professional politician but a doctor) is selling Social Security up the river to private business. But it was Dingell's Democratic Party that during the 70s voted to take the separate protected money in your Social Security account and put it into the General Fund so they could get their hands on it. It was just too much money to not waste.

On the state level, we have Virg Bernero telling people that Rick Snyder did nothing at Gateway except line his own pockets with millions of dollars. Bernero is a career politician who will say anything to get a new job or keep his old job.

Then on the national level, President Obama's Democratic Party's latest commercials claim the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is accepting donations from foreign sources and lining Republicans pockets to buy the party. David Axelrod's, Obama's Senior Adviser, only comment on Meet the Press was, "Can you prove they don't?" Really, throw out a damaging statement and then ask them to prove the opposite. Classy, really classy! That is not the American Way. Prove you are innocent. No it is up to the Democratic Party to prove you are guilty. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce should file a class action suit against the Democratic Party for their Chicago-style thuggery.

Why don't Republican candidates answer with their own politically distorted commercials? Because they have character. They stand on principle that their opponents can't. They won't lie just to get or keep their job. It is that simple. They want to run on their record and let the voters decide. That is what a Democracy is. Letting the people vote based on their voting record or character, not distorted lies and innuendos.

Is there "Truth in Advertising?" Yes, most of the time, well some of the time, *Except in Politics!

Vote November 2nd but remember the commercials.

So much for giving up blogging.