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Being a business theatre producer has allowed Brian the opportunity to meet and work with some very fascinating people from a variety of backgrounds which, in turn, has helped shape his knowledge and his opinions. His blog will not always be political, it will be about a lifetime of subjects, and nothing is off limits. “Few people have original thoughts, we are shaped by the people we know and meet” he says.

Friday, October 22, 2010

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The Obama administration has accused the U.S. Chamber of Commerce of using foreign contributions to fund their campaign for more friendly to business legislation!

They claim the Chamber, by not disclosing its donors, is illegally funding campaigns against Democrats. The Chamber is made up of some of the largest U.S. Corporations and many foreign corporations with U.S. subsidiaries. By law, the Chamber, as a non-profit organization, is not required to list its donors or how much they have contributed.

So what is wrong with all of this? Nothing, absolutely nothing. The Chamber is supporting a Republican agenda 90% of the time. George Soros' Media Matters supports Democrats 100% of the time and is not required to list any donors either.

Remember President Obama started all of this with his raising and spending almost $1 billion to become our 44th President. He claimed most of his donations were for less than $200 and therefore he was not obliged to list his donors.He even bought his own 24/7 cable network.

Apparently it is OK for the Democrats to raise ungodly amounts of money and spend it distorting the truth about their opponents but it is not OK for any Republican group. Hypocrisy seems to start with a D. Remember if you tell a lie often enough many will believe it to be true. Shame.

There is a fundamental problem with the amount of money in politics that needs to be addressed and removed but that is for another day.

Remember this on November 2nd and vote to replace most of the current politicians.


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